Egypt Sensual


Owen & Eva

Owen🇳🇱 & Eva🇩🇪 are international teachers and performers based in London🇬🇧 They have been trained by the bachata pioneers and have years of international teaching experience, spreading their unique “Dynamic Bachata Flow” style across the world 🌟

Owen and Eva met each other back in 2019, as they were performing and teaching together in a team. Before officially partnering up, they first developed further abroad professionally: Owen living in Spain, learning from the Bachata Sensual pioneers, whilst Eva was teaching across the corners of Europe and in the Middle East🌍

Partnering up together, they have created a fusion style of dynamic and smoothly flowing movements at the same time!
“Dynamic” because Owen y Eva integrate much mobility into their dance by using many direction and energy changes into their creative patterns.
“Smoothly flowing” as they highlight proper bachata sensual techniques to make their moves flow beautifully from one into another.
Combined, this results in a very smooth but active style that keeps you engaged from beginning to end.

With their teaching style they show you how to create exciting and complex “a la Owen y Eva” moves by building from fundamental movements and breaking down the essential techniques. They can’t wait to show it to you!