Egypt Sensual


Sensual Dancing in Paradise

Join the biggest dance festival in Egypt for a unique sensual adventure where dancers from all over the world come to share their passion, knowledge and love dancing by the stunning Red Sea.

Visit Historic Egypt

Cross the Egyptian desert and see the main monuments of Cairo’s Old Town and the Giza Plateau or visit the beauty of ancient Egypt in Luxor. Learn about the mummification of the pharaohs at the Egyptian Museum and marvel at the historic temples in Karnak.

Dance on the Red Sea

Dance + party music + boat + food + crazy people equals amazing memories on the Red Sea. Grab your friends and spend the day partying the Egyptian way. A cultural, dance and sightseeing experience all packed up in one amazing boat trip. Sail away into sunset with us and let go.

Become a better dancer

Our international teachers will take your dancing to the next level. Take workshops and classes with some of the top international dancers in kizomba, bachata, salsa and bellydancing. Dance with our teachers in our intimate socials and see the difference it can make in your dancing!

Enjoy our Beautiful Luxury Resort

Unbeatable accommodation right where our daily beach parties take place. Enjoy the majestic harmony of the Red Sea and nature when you stay at our five star all-inclusive located directly on the red sea with a large private beach. Guests can enjoy their full service spa, diving center, waterspots center, eight outdoor pools, tennis courts, archery, shops, a supermarket and a bazaar or savor the fine taste of international cuisines in one of our three stunning restaurants.

Don't miss our Sensual Shows

It’s time for spectacular show performances that will carry you to another dimension. Step aside and sit and let our festival instructors wow you with an amazing range of  performances in our stunning amphitheater.

Become an Egypt Sensual Ambassador

You’ve visited our festival and think that there are more people who should know about it? Well spread the word and get great discounts and rewards. More friends means more fun. Click here to join!

a Sensational festival Experience

Don’t miss the music, dancing and feeling of this amazing festival experience. True artists and inspiration with friends and companions. Egypt Sensual os not just a festival but a complete experience.


Experience Egypt, breathe in Hurghada and breathe out joy

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Grab your friends and party the Egyptian way

Ride the quad bikes in the desert and experience the Bedouin life