Egypt Sensual


Jonathan Mahoto

Jojo, also known as Jonathan Mahoto is a world-famous Kizomba Dancer, Instructor, and Choreographer.  He is also a Kizomba Embassy Ambassador, who is based out of Paris, France. He began teaching Kizomba in 2013 and has taught students at Kizomba Festivals and events all over the world. Specifically, Jojo is also well known for his energetic and smooth style of Kizomba. Jojo comes from a family where DANCE & MUSIC were always present, from a young age, he developed passion for MUSIC, DANCE AND SPORT, developing his own professional school for Jumping Roll and training 3-4 hours per day for this sport – so it should be clear what his inexhaustible energy source is. He was seeking for an additional challenge and Kizomba was exactly the right thing for him. His popular dance partners include Victoria Fletcher from New Zealand, Mickaela from Sweden, and Jenny Demosthenes from France.


When Jojo originally started dancing Kizomba, he came up with the slogan #letsplaykizomba! He did this to let people know that he was now dancing Kizomba. This slogan has developed into an extremely popular brand worldwide. In fact, at many Kizomba Festivals, his Let’s Play Kizomba t-shirts and merchandise sell out quickly. Jojo has a massive fan following worldwide from the numerous Kizomba Dance Festivals and events where he has performed and taught Kizomba.  Specifically, his popularity in the Kizomba Dance community can be seen in the huge number of view counts of his YouTube videos online.


We are very excited to share that the world-famous Kizomba Dancer, Instructor, and Choreographer Jonathan Mahoto will join us in Egypt in 2024. He is well known for his energetic and smooth style of Kizomba and his #letsplaykizomba slogan and events in Paris. Don’t miss the workshops of this amazing Kizomba superstar at Egypt Sensual Festival!