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Jacopo and Linda, born in Brescia (Italy), had a big love for the Latin-American rhythms and dances from a very young age. Their passion is so huge that they cannot even imagine their lives without dancing. Since the beginning, their talent was noticed by the best artists of the Salsa World and Jacopo debuted as a salsa dancer, at the only age 15, dancing in the group “Latin Soul Dancers” by Adolfo Indacochea. Linda, debuted in this world, at only 11 with Adolfo in some of his couple salsa shows and joined his show team as well.
This brother and sister duo has danced on the most prestigious stages of the world and their stunning talent, beautiful harmony and their wonderful feeling hasn’t pass unnoticed. In October 2017, they founded the couple J&L (Jacopo y Linda ) and later they came out with their first show called “La Reina”, which made them famous all over the world. Thanks to their passion, dedication and elegant style of traditional mambo, mixed with some elements of other disciplines, they receive more and more appreciation and estimation of the salsa audience, that day by day, falls in love with them.
In April 2018 they took part at the famous TV program “Dancing with the Stars”, bringing their mambo flavor to primetime. After this incredible experience there was the most important meeting of their career: the MamboKing EDDIE TORRES, at the end of their show, decided to invite them to New York to study with him. Eddie and Maria Torres, the main pioneers of Mambo all over the world now recognizes them along with Eddie Torres Jr, as the heirs of Mambo and the symbol of the “New Generation”. As the young brother and sister say, the most emotional thing of this experience was the great love received from the Torres family and the precious advice and pearls of wisdom they received from Dad Eddie and Mom Maria Torres. ,