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Enah Lebon

Originally from Haiti, ENAH Lebon is what should be called an “ODNI” (an Unidentified Dancing Object), as his style is original, bold but above all attractive … It can be seen in all major cities of France on the occasion of his crazy workshops.

Singular by his style, his technique, his footwork, he is a terrible child of kizomba in France. When asked to describe his style, he talks about “Urban Kiz”.

Not putting aside the Afro-Capeverdian roots of this dance, he tends to leave his mark with a creative mix of his various influences.

He knew how to make an impression and innovate, while respecting the traditional. Creativity, vitality and originality have enabled him to create a unique style, which is currently exported all over the world: Canada, United States, Estonia, Germany …

Today, the international instructor Enah pays particular attention to the transmission of his “attitude” to his students. He never forgets to leave us a record of his travels through various videos, which are striking examples of his emotion and his musicality.