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Emigen & Emanuela

Emigen Cenaj

Emigen Cenaj is originally from Albania (Shkoder). Emigen’s family moved to Greece when he was 5 months old and where he had his first dance steps. He started with hip hop/street dancing and took place in various competitions and shows. In the middle of 2012 he decided to move back to Albania began his career as a dancing instructor, and dancer for clubs and events, and later as a TV show dancer and choreographer. Now he lives in Stockholm Sweden where he is expanding his dancing knowledge and secrets and traveling internationally giving workshops in other European countries. He has his own style of bachata and salsa fusion. But his biggest passion is Musicality.

Emanuela Omeri

Emanuela grew up in Greece where she started her career as ballroom dancer. She took place in many competitions and was 15 time champion of Greece, two time champion of Europe, two time champion of the Balkan and two time champion of Albania. Her love for bachata was also huge, so in 2020 she started her career as an international bachata artist. She shared first place in a bachata TV dance competition with another couple.