Egypt Sensual



Introducing the rhythmic maestro, Abolfazl, also known as DJ KING! With a dance journey that began unexpectedly, Abolfazl’s decade-long devotion to the sensual art of bachata led him to a serendipitous encounter with the world of music. From an early age, his heart resonated with the magic of melodies, setting the stage for a destiny entwined with beats and tunes.


For the past 4 years, Abolfazl has seamlessly blended his passion for bachata with the vibrant energy of house music, crafting unforgettable soundscapes that transport audiences to another dimension. The moniker ‘KING’ was playfully bestowed upon him by friends, a title he has not only embraced but elevated as a DJ, reigning over dance floors with his magnetic presence and electrifying sets.


Prepare to be captivated by the sonic tales spun by DJ King, whose journey from accidental dancer to commanding DJ has become an unforgettable symphony of sound and movement.