Egypt Sensual



DJ Chami was born in Venezuela and has lived in Germany for many years. He began dancing Bachata over 16 years ago and in 2010 he started his career as a DJ. He is one of the first Bachata specialized DJs in Germany. He has played in many big international festivals such as Euro Salsa & Sensual Festival, Stuttgart Bachata Festival, Hamburg Salsa Festival, Ahinama Brussels, Unified Luxenburg, I Love Bachata in Belgium… etc. and countless parties more. 

He is also event organizer and dancer/teacher at Dance Fusion Aachen. Chami has worked together with the biggest Bachata artists in the world such as Korke y Judith, Daniel y Desiree, Ataca y la Alemana, DJ York, DJ el Tiguere, and many many more. He loves Bachata and he adapts his music to the taste of the dancers he is playing for on the spot, making him one of the most sought after DJs worldwide.