Solveig, originally from the USA, discovered bellydance in a chance encounter in her freshman year of university. She was instantly hooked! A decade later, Solveig is an international award-winning dancer and teacher at well-known Layali Dance Academy in Stockholm, Sweden. She is known for her dramatic flair and playfulness on stage. One of her specialties is “Golden Era bellydance”, a modern interpretation of and homage to the great bellydancers of the 1940s and 1950s, during Egypt’s golden age of cinema. The style is notable for its retro, Hollywood-esque vibes, its glamor, class, and sass, the effortless way the dancers move, and the energetic, coquettish expressiveness of the dancers.

Solveig regularly performs and competes internationally, both as a soloist and as part of the professional ensemble Layali Show Group. The group has won first place in prestigious international dance competitions in Spain, Serbia, Estonia, Sweden, and more. She was also a featured dancer in the first European tour of the Suhaila Salimpour show Bal Anat, which toured in Sweden, the UK, and Belgium in 2018. As a soloist, Solveig has also won competitions at Tallinn Oriental Dance Festival and Stockholm Bellydance Festival.

Although bellydance is Solveig’s one true love, she has since become a dance addict in general and loves trying out new styles. You will regularly find her on the bachata dance floor, and she is also a member of the Swedish fusion dance group Anastasia’s Orientchata Ladies, which mixes oriental dance with Latin dance styles.