Philippe & Rita


With more than 20 years of dancing, Rita’s basic formation took her first steps in half a point. Ballet and Contemporary were the first footprints that Rita left. Although she was only 4 years old, she was already present in one of the biggest dance spaces in the country, Academia de Ballet e Dança – Annarella Sanches, which gave her the basis for all the work she had done since then. Presented to other rhythms and styles, with a dynamic and creative vein, she embarks on an adventure in oriental dance, where she spends more than 5 years in learning and personal improvements applied to the style. Later, the contact with Latin and African dances made her change her course and discover not only a more affirmed passion for dance but also for teaching. More recently she was introduced to a new style of dance (Urban Kiz) which, in collaboration with his partner Philippe, develops and drives this new and emerging dance.arolina


Philippe began his career away from dance. Postgraduate in Marketing, he had a very entrepreneurial and “corporate” career. With a constant connection to event’s organization, he, indirectly, began to have contact with the dance world. Although he discovered African rhythms when he was 12 years old, influenced by the traditions of his neighborhood, his first steps came late, where only in 2016 his first steps were taken. Always very self-taught and curious, he discovered a passion for knowledge and teaching and later, dance became an integral part of his life. Although with a very early dance project, he specialized in the Urban Kiz style, where he developed his own teaching techniques and methodologies. In partnership with Rita, they work daily for the growth and promotion of the style all over the world.


During a path of constant growth, they were able to count on the contribution of several teachers and trainers of different styles and areas. Nuno Furtado, Miguel Monteiro, Susana Amado, Paulo Cruz, Lanna Zamora, Curtis Seldon, Carola Tauler, Albir Rojas, Laurent Yìshù, Carina Russo, Marco ABS, among many others, are examples of renowned professionals who have followed and helped the evolution process of the pair. Based in the capital of their country, Lisbon/Portugal, they operate their regular classes in one of the most prestigious schools in the country, Jazzy Dance Studios. In addition to developing this project on a regular basis, they also participate annually in various events related to the area of dance at a global level.