Egypt Sensual


Guiu & Borboleta

Guiu and Borboleta launched their dance career under the label “Kiz & Soul”, becoming in a short time one of the most recognizable Kizomba couples in Barcelona. They met each other on the dance floor, sometime ago, and after that moment of amazing connection, they decided to start building up something together. From that idea, their Kiz & Soul brand was founded.


Kizomba is a dance which comes from your inside, from your soul. Connection is everything, and for this reason, they refer to the “soul” part. They want to make very clear how important is the connection in this dance for them and make it their personal brand. They specialize in Urban Kiz and Tarraxo. Together, they’ve received formation from some of the most important national and international artists in the Kizomba scene.


Learning is not an isolate action so they say they keep learning every day, from every one. And they love it! Don’t miss them at Egypt Sensual Festival