Egypt Sensual


Chami & Julie

Chami and Julie are certified Bachata Sensual Instructors and have been teaching Bachata and Salsa together for 11 years, owners of the dance school Dance Fusion Aachen and organizers (among others Euro Sensual Festival and Bachata Connection). 

Chami, the Venezuelan-born dance instructor and DJ specializes in Bachata. He has taken this dance and music style especially to his heart, the romance and the feeling for the dance are a constant inspiration for him. He dances a mixture of Bachata-Traditional and Bachata-Sensual, with the Sensual elements predominating. Each dance is unique and with each dance he wants to give the lady the most beautiful 5 minutes of her life. 

Julie from Münster dived into the world of Salsa when she was 15 years old and since then she has wholeheartedly attended countless festivals and congresses for further training. Since 12 years she teaches Salsa, Bachata and Ladies Styling and since 9 years Kizomba among others at Dance Fusion Aachen. When teaching, it is important to her to pass on her passion, to explain in detail and clearly and to teach the ladies styling, self-confidence and sensitivity of following.