Egypt Sensual


Angel & Jess

Angel Rodriguez’s life has been filled with his love for music and has been a musician for the past 25 years. He plays the violin and studied music when he attended the conservatory of Music in Peru. He was also a member of several Latin music bands as the lead singer until he found a new passion for dancing and has dedicated over 10 years since then into training & developing new techniques for social dancing. Jessica Nicole has found her love for bachata as she explored various types of dances since she was 16. In 2020, their partnership began at the start of the pandemic. In the midst of the unknown, they used the free time that they had to train as much as they can to keep their sanity through difficult times and in hopes that they can come out after the pandemic stronger than when they started. In January of 2021, they brought their vision of a dance company to life when they started their first season of Sensual Dynasty. Currently they are in the process of planning for season 4! When they are not in Los Angeles training their bachata sensual team, they are most likely teaching in other cities around the US or Internationally. Angel & Jess Specialize in coaching students for social dancing. Their knowledge & passion for dancing has grown and continues to grow every day as they train each day to bring their audience the best that they can offer.